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Nutrition for Inflammatory Conditions | Nutrition for Chronic Pain & Weight Loss

Anti-inflammatory and Weight Loss Nutrition Coaching

3 months - Anti-inflammatory Diet Coaching

This is a great program for people who suffer from inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic widespread pain, or post injury/accident related chronic pain and are looking for not only anti-inflamamtory diet education, but ongoing support and accountability to help apply the knowledge in real life and ACTUALLY experience the anti-inflammatory potential of the diet. 

  • Manage inflammatory conditions with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. 
  • Heal your gut to heal your joins and chronic pain. 
  • Reduce inflammation without medications. 

Fresh Perspective Mindset - Weight Loss Program

This is a great program for people who have been struggling with weight loss and have tried every possible fad diet and regained the weight back.

What to Expect:

  • Detailed initial consult
  • 6 follow up coaching sessions scheduled within 6 months of the initial appointment. In each session, I will teach you one dietary/lifestyle strategy from my unique tried and tested weight loss program, guide you through your monthly goals, and help you form a new lifestyle – all from a Fresh Perspective! 
  • Personalized Nutrition Care Toolbox especially curated for your weight loss success.
  • You can add a 1-hour in-person grocery store tour to help with successful weight loss. Click here (This service is only available for clients in the Greater Toronto area)
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