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In a free discovery call we’ll talk about YOU! Your nutrition needs & goals, specific challenges, and brainstorm which program BEST fits your needs.

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YOU will invest in a nutrition program and TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH.

YOU will learn a step-by-step process to reverse pre-diabetes, manage diabetes, and experience weight loss without giving up your favorite South Asian foods.

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Step 3 - Beat the Diabetes, Enjoy Heart Health & Live a Nourishing Lifestyle!

Making lifestyle changes takes time. You may feel at this point you have “know how” of using the nutrition care toolbox to support your health but would like to have a nutrition coach on board to check in with and ask questions as they arise.

This is where the maintenance program comes in.

Offered exclusively to those who have completed a previous coaching program.

Hi! I’m Jenifer, Registered and Licensed Dietitian and your healthy lifestyle cheer leader. I help South Asians with reversing pre-diabetes, managing diabetes, and experiencing weight loss ~ without giving up their favourite South Asian foods.
I grew up eating South Asian foods like daal, chaawal (rice), roti (Indian tortillas), ghee, biryani & samosas. My dad has diabetes and I have first hand experience in managing his diabetes with nutrition & lifestyle changes. I have also helped many clients with reversing their pre-diabetes and managing diabetes.

I remember grabbing a piece of samosa and laddoo at a friend’s party. One of my South Asian friends asked, “Are you sure, you’re going to eat the fried samosa and sugary laddoo even though you are a dietitian?” I said “I do enjoy all foods and eat mindfully”. Similarly, I won’t restrict you either from enjoying your favorite foods. 

I can help you without having you give up your staple and favorite foods. With some tweaks & lifestyle changes along with building necessary skills along the way, I can help you reverse pre-diabetes and manage diabetes, enjoy heart health, and experience weight loss. We will work together to find solutions that best suit your lifestyle needs & work schedules. As a bonus, I can provide nutrition coaching in Hindi & Gujarati in addition to English.

Philosophy: At Archaic Nutrition & Lifestyle, I combine ancient food wisdom with mindful eating techniques to help clients live a long lasting healthy, happy and deprivation-free life. I teach clients a Whole Foods approach instead of clinging to super foods or fad diets as a short cut to health & wellness. Remember Archaic Lifestyle is a marathon and not a sprint.

My mantra is “Stick to the basics, patronize local foods, exercise often but don’t forget self care and to take a rest day.”

Archaic Lifestyle Bites
The internet is loaded with diabetes and weight loss nutrition information and fad diets. However, I understand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to sift through all the information, especially when it’s not targeted towards South Asian lifestyle and eating habits. NO WORRIES! Therefore, I created this blog to keep you informed about a variety of nutrition topics, and share healthy recipes and kitchen tips – The South Asian Way
Healthier Alternatives to Cereal

Healthier Alternatives to Cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But did you know that despite cereal flooding the shelves at your supermarket, cereal isn’t as healthy as marketing makes it out to be? Unless you are eating good quality muesli each morning with some fruit, then cereal...

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Thai Fusion Bowl

Thai Fusion Bowl

March is National Nutrition Month. This year's theme is "Go Further With Food" and Meal planning is one of the key messages! One of the biggest advantage of meal prepping is you get to eat a variety of home cooked nutrient dense meals everyday without having to stop...

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My personal lifestyle struggles as a South Asian

My personal lifestyle struggles as a South Asian

1. Exercise - NOPE, not happening 2. Samosa, chevda, gaathiya, toast with sugary chai - HEAVEN on earth 3. Meal is not complete without Chawal (RICE) - it's only the rice in the entire meal that gives satisfaction 4. Mithai and desserts - Ice creams and dark chocolate...

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